best Indian sex stories stories to read in 2017

Many readers are interested in erotic stories. It is noticed that Asian readers specially south Asia readers are more interested in erotic stories (hindi sex stories). Desi sex videos


In India when there is no mobile phones or internet, people had to buy a story chudai ki kahani book from a book shop.

People from different region like different types of stories. Because there are many languages spoken in India so stories are categorised by different languages.


Below is the list of top interest based category of indian stories in 2017.

Top 8 sex stories in India.

Category Rating Comment
Indian sex stories 9.9 Most popular among readers from all over the world.
Hindi sex stories 8.6 It is more popular among readers from north India.
Telugu sex stories 8.2 Indian readers specially from south region like this story.
Bangla choti 7.0 Readers from Bangladesh like this type of story.
Chudai ki kahani 6.5 More popular among readers from north India.
Bhabhi ki Chudai 6.2 Trending now a days.
Aunty ki chudai 5.0 Some readers from all indian like this story.
Chut chudai 4.0 Usually hindi speaking readers like this story.

Why these stories are more popular.

The main reason behind popularity of these kind of stories is success of smart phones and Internet in India.

From a book reader to e book reader, the journey of Indians is very interesting. A limited amount of content is provided in a book but there is unlimited on the web.


In my opinion increase in growth of smart phone in India led to increase in popularity of

Indian sex stories

Hindi sex story

Below are some hot sex stories that you might like.

Stories in Hindi Font.

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